Health & Safety

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Genetically Modified Foods Policy

It is the policy of Gourmet Patisserie Limited, not to use any product that contains genetically modified foods, additives or derivatives; for this policy, genetically modified foods, additives or derivatives are defined as those ingredients that are subject to European legislation regarding the labelling of genetically modified foods.

Our policy results from the requirements of our customers.

We will ensure that no ingredients that have been subject to genetic modification are knowingly used in the production of food items manufactured by Gourmet Patisserie Limited.

In order to control this policy, we will seek written confirmation from our suppliers that their products do not contain genetically modified foods, additives or derivatives; and that they have procedures in place to verify their claim. It is the supplier's responsibility to make sure that there are verified non-GM supply routes in place for all their products and their ingredients. It is important that there are resources available to ensure this fact (Identity Preserved routes, auditing schemes, GMO testing).

Your Due Diligence

Here at Gourmet, we understand that buying from a reputable supplier is important to you and your Customers.
We understand the importance of complying with The Food Safety Act 1995.

In the case of proceedings related to food safety, "it is a defence for the person charged to prove that he took all reasonable precautions and exercised all due diligence to avoid commission of the offence by himself or by a person under his control".

Since The Food Safety Act 1995 came into force, we have implemented and are monitoring the following controls and procedures:

  • Traceability for our flours and ingredients
  • Traceability for our finished and semi-finished products
  • Temperature controls during our manufacturing process
  • Temperature controls during receipt and delivery of goods
  • Monitoring of temperatures for all chilled rooms
  • HACCP is implemented for most products

Should you require any further detailed information for your due diligence records, please do not hesitate to contact us.